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YMK Massage is a unique oasis of calm that focuses on offering a wide selection of therapeutic, relaxing treatments. YMK Massage was formed by Marianna Pavlichka from the idea that corrective and calming treatments need to be performed in a nurturing, warm, and inviting space in order to truly be effective.

About Mariana:

Marianna Pavlichka is an experienced massage therapist whose deep touch relieves pain and brings relaxation. Her international nursing background and extensive study of medical massage allows her to bring a unique combination of expertise and skill as well as firmly grounded intuition to her massage therapy. 

As a child, she learned to give massages to her mother, who suffered from migraines, as well as to other friends and family members. Her love of service led her to nursing, and she worked in clinics and hospitals in Germany, Ukraine, and Russia for 16 years. After moving to the United States and becoming a permanent resident, she provided home care in private and institutional settings. A massage therapy school gave her the credentials she needed to focus entirely on massage, and her graduation was followed by sixteen years of experience as a professional massage therapist. She worked in two medical rehabilitation centers and two top rated spas in the USA (Heaven SPA and Massage ENVY), and was engaged in private practice.  

Marianna is passionate about using her hands to bring healing and relieve pain. Her clients speak of a gentle, sensitive therapist with whom they feel understood, and where they find relief for stressed or sore muscles. Marianna has done coursework in each of the following fields:

- Total body stretch 
- Prenatal massage
- Side-lying massage
- Orthopedic massage for shoulders
- Medical cupping therapy
- NMT - Shoulder pectoral girdle and rotator cuff
- Reiki healing
- Therapeutic sports massage
- Therapeutic relaxation massage
- Foot reflexology massage
- Acupuncture and massage
- Swedish massage
- Deep tissue massage

She also holds an advanced degree in River Stone Therapy. When not providing massages, Marianna enjoys traveling, hiking, reading books, and visiting museums and theatres with her husband and daughter. 

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